Locked Away

I look Once again through the keyhole At sights unseen Obscured by darkness And everything in between Lost in the abstract Of a world unknown A place locked away From the prying eyes Of those who come by day No one can fathom What I feel As I sit here alone With nothing but solitude... Continue Reading →

Gale Force

The road stretched on in front of us, the sky darkening with every mile. Ahead, the unmistakable threat of a storm loomed and I didn't want to be on the road when the clouds finally opened up. "I knew we shouldn't have stopped for dinner," Sophie muttered from behind the steering wheel. The hour we... Continue Reading →


A dream Once shared by many Destroyed by a few The constant struggle to distance ourselves from the past Never to learn from the mistakes of those who came before us Tearing apart the last reminders Destined to follow the same path as our ancestors We must change Rise against the hate we see every... Continue Reading →

Raging Storm

Storm clouds gather on the horizon Gradually moving forward to cover the sky Shading the earth from the sun Lightning strikes Throwing the landscape in a blinding incandescent glow The storm rages closer Like two Gods fighting   Deafening roar Crying out, warning all of what’s to come Waves crash against the sand Dragging remnants... Continue Reading →

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