Snow falls

I stand on the ridge Observing the village below The smell of snow lingering on the breeze In the distance, the sky turns grey The impending threat of a squall Soon, the valley will become serene Like a painting, glittering with diamonds As the first snow of the season Gently falls from the heavens Each... Continue Reading →

2018 Book List

As the end of 2017 nears, I've been compiling a list of books to read in the coming year. I've probably way over reached on my goal, but isn't that how it always is? I'd love to hear what you all are currently reading or planning to read. Here is what I'm currently reading: On... Continue Reading →

Cracked Mirror

An ageless beauty Staring into a cracked mirror Every day a reminder of a youth gone by The lines etched into her skin Battle scars of a life lived Memories surround The only reminders of what could've been Had one choice been different But, alas The past can't be manipulated Repercussions left as a remnant... Continue Reading →

Haunted Melody

The percussive sounds steamed though the speakers The haunting melody taking me back Back to a time that was not easily remembered Characterized by pain and sorrow It had taken a long time to forget But now the memories streamed forth with such fervor A remembrance of which could be my downfall I struggle against... Continue Reading →

The Edge of Forever

Standing on the edge The rocks below jutting out into the murky water The smell of the salt water permeating my senses Wind carries the cool mist well above the water Coming to rest against my skin like a gentle caress Not knowing what the future holds, I gaze out at the endless ocean A... Continue Reading →


A state of endless darkness Every day a constant struggle against the inky black Light always just out of reach Teetering on the edge So close that you can feel yourself falling The unknown calls relentlessly Giving in to an end To free yourself from all the pain and self doubt   ©Kristen Ricketts

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