Crystal Tears

Crystal tears fall gently from the sky The sun's rays glint off of the brilliant jewels The prisms casting never ending rainbows upon the Earth's surface Through the sadness, this reminder that you are watching brings us peace For you are never truly gone The journey continues until the day that we will be together... Continue Reading →


As seasons change, so do people A product of peers and society Entangled in a web designed to stifle advancement Until you are nothing but a shell of who you once were Unable to find yourself in the darkness The ties that bind you, tear into your flesh Creating wounds that will last years But... Continue Reading →

From Above

From above the clouds Golden rays of sunshine find their way to Earth Their warmth on my skin I fantasize that this is your way of telling me that you're still here Watching over me like an unseen protector This assurance blanketing me with hope That one day we will reunite © Kristen Ricketts 2018... Continue Reading →

Past Reflection

Light streams through the window Dust particles drift around the room Unveiling a world unseen for many years Belongings strewn throughout the building On the window sill, a tea cup sits Abandoned in a hastened escape Paint faded, porcelain chipped A memento of a family A ghost covered in cobwebs A hint of the forgotten... Continue Reading →


I lay awake My mind conjuring up characters Bringing their fictional lives to reality Each day the tales unfold As I write their lives down on paper One line at a time My soul into each one Until their stories are complete   © Kristen Ricketts 2018 Conjure

Memories Abate

She pauses in the middle of the road Decades have past since she stood in this spot No longer is she the young headstrong girl in search of her destiny Now, alone, she searches for herself Bewildered, she remembers little of what remains in this small town A breeze kicks up dirt Her hair temporarily... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten

A cold breeze blows through the corridor Empty nothingness The flames of the fire flicker Barely casting heat into cold, damp murkiness Silence louder than any thought An icy caress the only reminder of existence Alone ©Kristen Ricketts Daily Prompt- Forlorn

Road Less Traveled

A long journey Culminating with two routes Torn between the road less traveled, and the well worn path Always gravitating toward the uncomplicated But not this time I trudge on Through the tangled vines and overgrown grass Each step carrying me closer to my purpose The foreboding feeling of failure A constant feeling of inadequacy... Continue Reading →

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