I woke with a start. The feeling of dread was overwhelming, like an icy hand gripping my heart. Outside, the sun had not yet risen; the pale bluish, white glow from the moon penetrated through the drapes. The quiet was almost deafening as I sat up, and put my bare feet on the freezing hardwood.... Continue Reading →

Past Reflection

Light streams through the window Dust particles drift around the room Unveiling a world unseen for many years Belongings strewn throughout the building On the window sill, a tea cup sits Abandoned in a hastened escape Paint faded, porcelain chipped A memento of a family A ghost covered in cobwebs A hint of the forgotten... Continue Reading →


I lay awake My mind conjuring up characters Bringing their fictional lives to reality Each day the tales unfold As I write their lives down on paper One line at a time My soul into each one Until their stories are complete   © Kristen Ricketts 2018 Conjure

Memories Abate

She pauses in the middle of the road Decades have past since she stood in this spot No longer is she the young headstrong girl in search of her destiny Now, alone, she searches for herself Bewildered, she remembers little of what remains in this small town A breeze kicks up dirt Her hair temporarily... Continue Reading →

Creature Of The Deep

The waves break on the horizon. In the pale light of the early morning sunrise, a glimpse of a figure, indistinguishable against the dark water. As this scarcely seen creature cuts methodically through the water, skin the dark color of mud, reflecting the gleam from the sun.  Its mystical existence hidden from the world.   ©... Continue Reading →


The paper's edge curls Flame held against the parchment Words lost to the world     © Kristen Ricketts Photo from Pixabay

Book Review: Lily Collins Unfiltered

I've always been one to glamorize the Hollywood lifestyle; in fact, I've become kind've addicted to checking tabloid websites several times daily. It wasn't until I saw Lily Collins in the movies The Blind Side, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and Love, Rosie as well as the Amazon series The Last Tycoon that I... Continue Reading →

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