Night Awakens

Every night I dream of us dancing under the moon, the stars twinkling against the sable sky. A cool breeze lingers on our skin, giving relief from the hot summer air. Our song, the rhythmic cadences of the crickets. As we sway, the night comes alive and I feel whole again as beauty fills our... Continue Reading →

You Were Meant to Know the Night Writing Prompt Challenge: One with the Night/Kristen

I recently submitted this piece to the blog Brave and Reckless. Hope you enjoy it!

Brave and Reckless

“You were meant to know the night,” she whispered into my ear. Her hold strengthened with inhuman force as she braced me against her body; steadying me for what was about to come. I had long since given up the struggle against this exquisite creature. The power she held over me was unrelenting.

The edge of time seemed to be nearing at a quickening pace, the unyielding hunger in her eyes expressing her desire. Tracing their way my chest to my throat, her icy fingertips lingered for a moment over the gently palpitating skin. I knew that she could feel my pulse quicken as the seconds dragged on.

Paralyzed from fear of the unknown, I waited for an eternity. She had forewarned of the indescribable pain would soon consume me as I take my last breath and awaken a nocturnal animal; forever destined to lurk in the shadows.

Her scent…

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Locked Away

I look Once again through the keyhole At sights unseen Obscured by darkness And everything in between Lost in the abstract Of a world unknown A place locked away From the prying eyes Of those who come by day No one can fathom What I feel As I sit here alone With nothing but solitude... Continue Reading →

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