1 Year On WordPress

Wow! I can't believe that a year ago I created this page. When I began It Happened While Writing, I didn't have much of a plan. For being a relatively private person, the thought of putting my writing out into the world to read was frightening. In fact, I had more than a few panic... Continue Reading →

Invisible Presence

It's been days since I've felt welcome in my own home. Why did you have to do a séance? I thought, staring at my reflection in the mirror. Since that night, a presence has plagued my every waking minute; even my dreams have all turned to nightmares. From the dark circles under my eyes, there is... Continue Reading →

From Above

From above the clouds Golden rays of sunshine find their way to Earth Their warmth on my skin I fantasize that this is your way of telling me that you're still here Watching over me like an unseen protector This assurance blanketing me with hope That one day we will reunite © Kristen Ricketts 2018... Continue Reading →


I woke with a start. The feeling of dread was overwhelming, like an icy hand gripping my heart. Outside, the sun had not yet risen; the pale bluish, white glow from the moon penetrated through the drapes. The quiet was almost deafening as I sat up, and put my bare feet on the freezing hardwood.... Continue Reading →

Past Reflection

Light streams through the window Dust particles drift around the room Unveiling a world unseen for many years Belongings strewn throughout the building On the window sill, a tea cup sits Abandoned in a hastened escape Paint faded, porcelain chipped A memento of a family A ghost covered in cobwebs A hint of the forgotten... Continue Reading →

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